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3-Modes 9 LED Series For Three lithium battery LED Driver With Low Voltage Protection

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3-Modes 9 LED Series For Three lithium battery LED Driver With Low Voltage Protection


  • LED: 9xT6,9xU2,9xP7,9xS2
    Output voltage: 30V
    Working voltage: 6-12V
    Automatic constant temperature: When the temperature exceeds the preset threshold, it will lower the output  current to protect the LED and driver.
    Low voltage protection for three li-ion battery (series): When battery voltage is lower than 9V, lower voltage  protection activates and lower output to low mode and blink twice every five seconds. (Restart twice  can remove protection function.) 
    Overheat protection: 55-60 degrees. Automatically lower the power to adjust the brightness.
    LED current: 2.6-3A
    Measurement: Battery board measures 26mm 
                               Main driver measures 24mm
                               Total heigh measures 30mm
    Output power:3-4 li-ion battery LED current 2.8-3A,70-100W.
    Modes:3 Modes At High 100% Mid 30% Low 5%
    Warning: Blink once per 5 seconds-high temperature, can not change mode, in the protection situation.
    Operation: When power-down less than 2 seconds will change the mode, more than 3 seconds won't change the mode.
    Connecting methods: Red line to LED+, Black line to LED-. Positive line to the mid of board, negative line to  the side of board.
    Attention: This is a high power driver. Please make sure you use the high capacity and high self-discharge rate batteries. Power switch should be more than 10A, the total input current is up to 7-8A.

 Package Included: 1xDriver

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