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E27 3W 300 Lumens 16 Colors RGB Light LED Light Lamp (AC 85-265V,5000-5500K)

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E27 3W 300 Lumens 16 Colors RGB Light LED Light Lamp (AC 85-265V,5000-5500K)


    Main Feature :

  • RGB light, high-efficient LED light bulb
  • Suitable for home, studio and exhibition lighting
  • No shadow lamplight lean to a little white
  • Energy saving, low power consumption, long life expectancy


    Specifications :

    Output Power 3W
    LED Sources 1 LEDs
    Base Type E27
    Working Voltage AC 85-265v
    Luminous Flux 300-Lumen
    Color Temperature 5000-5500K(white light)
    Working Life-Span Approx.50000-100000hours
    Optimum Working Temperature -15~+55 degree celsius
    Heat Sink Material Aluminum,zinc metal alloy
    Weight 0.063 kg
    Dimensions 5cm*5cm*6.2cm(LxWxH.)

         Product Details:



    Package :


    • 1 x 3W E27 LED Light Bulb
    • 1 x Remote Controller

           LED's Applications in various situations:
      1.Household lighting 7.Emergency lighting
      2.Bicycle lighting 8.flashlight(Electric torches)
      3.Stage Lighting 9.Floodlighting of buildings
      4.Traffic Lights 10.Grow lights for plants
      5.Billboard displays 11.Public transit vehicle route and destination signs
      6.Automotive lighting 12.Display lighting in art galleries to reduce heating on works to low values

      The LED Lighting Advantages:
    •      1.Energy Efficiency
      A traffic signal head that contains 196 LEDs draws 10W versus its incandescent counterpart that draws 150W. Various estimates of potential energy savings range from 82% to 93%.
    •      2.Long Life
      LEDs are projected to produce a long service life of about 100,000 hours
    •      3.No UV Emissions/Little Infrared
      LEDs produce no UV radiation and little heat, making them ideal for illuminating objects, such as works of art, that are sensitive to UV light.
    •      4.Range of Colors
      LEDs are available in a range of colors, including white light,red light,bule light,green light and so on.
    •      5.Small Size/Design Flexibility
      A single LED is very small and produces little light overall. However, this weakness is actually its strength. LEDs can be combined in any shape to produce desired lumen packages as the design goals and economics permit.
    •      6.Durable
      LEDs are highly rugged. They feature no filament that can be damaged due to shock and vibrations.
    •      7.Lights instantly


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